Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?

All players must wear clothing which will allow them to be clearly visible under the UV lights. Anything that fluoresces will work - think bright colours, or simply wear a white t-shirt. Do some Google searching and you will find lots of examples of what works well. Note that the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any players who are not clearly visible under UV light!

At a minimum players should wear:

However, you are highly recommended to accessorise with anything that won't fall off whilst playing badminton and will help you glow under the lights. We will have a supply of glow sticks to give out and we will have some UV tape that can be placed on the frames of rackets to help them glow. Supplies will be limited though!

The above photos were taken during our small scale test. As you can see, white shirts show up really well. Note the UV tape on the racket which can be bought here (we will also have a small supply). The head and wrist bands were bought from here. UV body crayons were bought from here which we used to write / draw on our arms.

How will the games be arranged?

This is a social event designed to provide a fun way for players to play some games of badminton in a fun, quirky environment. As such we expect all players to mix and play games with and against everyone else at the session, so be prepared to mix and play with different people. Players will take it in turns to play doubles games (sorry, we probably won't have room for singles!). After each game players will join the back of a queue for their next game. This will involve sitting on, and moving up, a couple of benches. Any players not sat on one of the benches will deem to be at the end of the queue! An organiser will be on hand at the top of the queue to organise games, however players are welcome to suggest pairing for games. If players are looking for games of a particular standard then we recommend that you invite some friends to attend the same session as them.

How will the sports hall be setup?

We will have 4 courts available that will be lit by UV cannons, strategically placed around the hall. UV tape will be placed on the floor, marking out all doubles court lines. The net cord should show up quite well but we may opt to place some tape across the cord too. All external light will be blocked from entering the hall.

Won't it be too dark?

No, the UV lights should provide enough "visible" light. Plus a few of the main sports hall lights are likely to remain on in a "dimmed emergency lighting" mode which will provide additional illumination.

What shuttles will you use?

We will be using yellow plastic shuttles. In our small scale test the yellow plastic shuttles illuminated the best under the UV lights than any other type of shuttle we tested (white plastics, pink plastics, white feathers).

Who is allowed to attend the event?

The event is open for all players to attend. However, we recommend that players know the rules and have previous experience of playing badminton games. Obviously only children under the age of 16 will be allowed to participate in the junior sessions, with everyone else being allowed to attend the adult sessions. Please contact us if you are unsure if this event is suitable for you.

Are spectators allowed?

I'm afraid we cannot accommodate spectators inside the sports hall during the event. During the event we want to keep the space around the courts as free as possible. Also it is unlikely that spectators would attend wearing suitable clothing that would allow them to be easily seen under the UV lights. We are hoping that we can set up a spectator area on the floor above the sports hall where there are windows that look into the hall.

What if it doesn't work?

We have every faith that it will. We have liaised with BADMINTON England and organisers of other events to make sure we have everything we need to make the event a success. We have also conducted a small scale test a couple of weeks ago. However, this is the first time we have run an event of this type so we appreciate that things might not go to plan. To improve the effectiveness of the event we may therefore need to change the format of the event on the day e.g. reducing the number of courts available so that we can place more UV lights around fewer courts.

Who is organising / running the event?

The event is mainly being organised by Chris Travis, Development Officer at Pittville Badminton Club and Level 2 Coach. A group of volunteers from Pittville Badminton Club and the Badminton Gloucestershire Community will be helping run the event on the day.

Why is it so expensive?

This is a complicated event! On top of the usual cost of shuttles and court hire, there's the cost of all the extra equipment that is required for this type of event e.g. UV light hire, UV tape for marking the courts.

Despite this, and the fact that this is a one-off event (although hopefully we can make it annual), we believe that the cost of the event is still rather competitive. For example, BADMINTON England recommend that an hour long group coaching session costs £5.


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